View Athens

The visual language assigned to this brand, through the process of rebranding, is based on elements reflecting, mirroring and refracting light. These create numerous layouts, that protrude and “aggravate” the calm and pure typographic forms used, while abruptly interrupting their continuity; reconstructing new forms and shapes. The scope of work spans the entire brand id redesign, including verbal branding, product illustration, packaging, signage, product catalogue layout design, website layout design, social media content, printed and digital campaigns, plus many more.

View Athens

Of the many visual symbols and available icons used to describe the word “View”, the shape of the eye was one that worked synthetically, symbolically and complementary with the brand name.

Therefore, the capital "A" with its horizontal line curved, does just that; it effortlessly forms the contour of an eye as it appears in side view. This approach simultaneously provides us not just with typographic logotype, but also a logo icon.

The company deals with high-end property sales and management in Greece, creating a investment fund for potential buyers.