Base Cast

The visual language assigned to this brand, through the process of rebranding, is based on elements reflecting, mirroring and refracting light. These create numerous layouts, that protrude and “aggravate” the calm and pure typographic forms used, while abruptly interrupting their continuity; reconstructing new forms and shapes. The scope of work spans the entire brand id redesign, including verbal branding, product illustration, packaging, signage, product catalogue layout design, website layout design, social media content, printed and digital campaigns, plus many more.

Base - Cast

According to Ted Polhemus and Lynn Procter, fashion can be described as adornment, of which there are two types: fashion and anti-fashion.

Through the capitalisation and commoditisation of clothing, accessories, and shoes, etc., what once constituted anti-fashion becomes part of fashion as the lines between fashion and anti-fashion are blurred. "An over-determined phenomenon which expresses at the same time the individual, the society, the unconscious and one's own personal evolution".

This is how Marc-Alain Descamps, French philosopher, and psychologist, presents a careful and up-to-date vision of fashion, a complex and ever-changing phenomenon, that covers many roles and values in the human psyche.

“Fashion is psychology, fashion means to operate a process every day, that starts from analysing one's mood and ends with the choice of outfit. Fashion is ever-changing, as ever-changing is the human mind; volatile, as volatile are passions, convictions, people".

That is why Fashion is often related to and associated with our passions, our sins, our everyday sins. Maybe succumbing to yet another pair of designer glasses or a ludicrously expensive pair of shoes. We all bear the cross of these everyday sins, that rely on our everyday choices, our everyday “weaknesses”, against the beautiful, the seductive, the charming, the irresistible, and the provocative nature of the Fashion Siren.

The hyphen (-) also played a central role in creating the different logo versions, while its different line weights, placement, bending, and relative positions almost effortlessly create the various logo versions.