The visual language assigned to this brand, through the process of rebranding, is based on elements reflecting, mirroring and refracting light. These create numerous layouts, that protrude and “aggravate” the calm and pure typographic forms used, while abruptly interrupting their continuity; reconstructing new forms and shapes. The scope of work spans the entire brand id redesign, including verbal branding, product illustration, packaging, signage, product catalogue layout design, website layout design, social media content, printed and digital campaigns, plus many more.


As Aristotle said: "We are what we repeatedly do”. By defining the visual vocabulary, while setting the design guidelines for the work of Anothr Construction and Multi-space company; the semiology of the brand name “Anothr” is depicted in every aspect of the brand. This allows for the use of even a single photograph, to be transformed into a recognizable brand element; thus proposing a system of many directions. The scope of work includes naming, logo and brand identity design system.

The company creates, designs and builds spaces. Furthermore, it has a huge space of its own, that works as a multi-space - offices - exhibition area of the company’s services and products alike. The term “space” is a hugely studied subject, in all disciplines, and in graphic design, and brand design as well. So digging deep to find a visual solution was the only way to go.

Through research, we came across the book “The concept of space in Western philosophy” by T. Karagkounis. While reading the book, you come across the term “The sociology of space”.

The “sociology of space” examines the social and material constitution of spaces. It is concerned with understanding the social practices, institutional forces, and material complexity of how humans and spaces interact.

This led to the Definition of Space, then the History of the sociology of space, the Duality of space, the Rational view of space and so on. Of particular importance was Michel Foucault’s essay on “Of Other Spaces”.

Heterotopia is a concept elaborated by philosopher Michel Foucault to describe certain cultural, institutional and discursive spaces that are somehow ‘other’. Heterotopias are worlds within worlds, mirroring and yet upsetting what is outside.

While studying this, the concept of an alternative, other, repetitive, but different place arises, and suddenly the passing from one space to the other, seems completely profound and logical. So moving from one space to the other, you move to another space. Then you move to another space, and then another, and another, and another, etc. So the repetitive nature of someone constantly moving, creating, imagining, designing yet another space arises. After all, "We are what we repeatedly do”.